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    Thank you for being where I needed you most! 😀
  • Thank you for being honest, kind and sincere! 😀
  • Thank you for making me feel special when I am down! 😀
  • Thank you for not judging me by my looks! 😀
  • Thank you for having faith in me! 😀
  • Thank you for the encouragements that made me succeed! 😀
  • Thank you for your time and patience! 😀
  • Thank you for the hugs and smiles! 😀
  • Thank you for the laughter and fun! 😀
  • Thank you for forgiving me when I am wrong! 😀
  • Thank you for keeping my secrets! 😀
  • Thank you for remembering my special days! (hint) 😀
  • Thank you for giving help when I needed it! 😀
  • Thank you for keeping me company when I am lonely! 😀
  • Thank you for listening to me even though you are busy! 😀
  • Thank you for your generosity and unselfishness! 😀
  • Thank you for warm hospitality and unconditional friendship! 😀
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About reni andriani

just be your self SMAN 1 GENTENG - XII IPS 1

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